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I.S. 303 Election Results- Meet Our 2014-2015 Student Government

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Join Us in Congratulating
the following 303 Elected Representatives 

G.O President:                                     Rachel Karalnik  8-328

G.O Vice President:                            Shariah Allen              8-312

G.O Secretary:                                     Anna Levin 7-217

8th Grade Representatives:              Nefretari Powell 8-326
Yuliya Olina 8-328

7th Grade Representative:                Destiny Melendez     7-230
                                                               Deoni Harvin              7-215

6th Grade Representative:                Nicole Granados 6-108
                                                               Rayaan Abdelaziz      6-108

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