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I.S. 303 on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Happy Holiday! 60th Precinct Visits I.S. 303 to Give Away Presents!

       On December 23, 2016, Police officers from the 60th Precinct came To I.S. 303 to give away presents.  In the classrooms that were visited, students over went a raffle selection and a winner is

selected at random. The student that were chosen, got to choose one of the many goodies in a bag.

Good Luck!   

Have a wonderful happy holiday!

Foods From Thanksgiving Food Drive Delivered!

       On November 21, Mr. Caggiano and members of the NYPD Explorers program delivered Thanksgiving care packages to families in need. Thanks all who participated / contributed to this wonderful event.
       I.S. 303 and the 60th precinct partnered up this Thanksgiving to spread the joy of this very special holiday. We visited families in our community as well as our partners at Elder Share and distributed turkeys and non-perishable food items that our I.S 303 families donated.
       On behalf of our I.S. 303 school family, we'd like to thank Officer Perrini and Officer Raasch for their help in assisting with the distribution of the turkeys and food donations to our families and friends. This Thanksgiving was special because we shared with so many families, the blessings that many of us enjoy.

Letter From Our Principal, Carmen N. Amador

       It’s great to welcome everyone to another engaging, invigorating and stimulating school year at IS 303. Our school offers students a wealth of opportunities geared towards helping them find themselves as they navigate the path they are in – the path of self-discovery. Exploring who we are and what we are good at is the key to academic success and to success in life as well. Our goal is to connect with each and every child, model our high expectations and help parents and children see what a well-connected, goal oriented school community has to offer.


       We invite all incoming students to stop by our offices and share a little about who they are. The rest leave to us! We look forward to serving our students and connecting with families. We also look forward to continuing our partnerships with institutions of higher education and our community. We firmly believe that strong schools will yield strong communities and we aim to prepare our students to be active members and contributors to their communities.


News Literacy at NYC's Intermediate School 303 from The New York Times

You can find this video and article at Guest Post | Practical Tools for Teaching News Literacy


The New Face of I.S. 303


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